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Emily Charlson

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'Tender' Restaurant App

A restaurant application that enables users to search for local restaurants, customize food preferences, and invite friends out to eat. All invited guests are able to vote on their favorite restaurant options.

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Music Flashcards

An educational app that enables users to practice identifying note names on the grand staff and the piano. The app can be interacted with in two settings: ‘Practice’ and ‘Challenge’.

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Music Editing

An educational app and tool for music teachers that enables them to digitize their music and mark their students' scores with markings in real-time during their lessons.

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'TEnmo' Financial Application

A command-line application that enables customers to request and send money.

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I’m Emily, and I am a newly-converted software developer. Before 2020, my professional experience was focused in music, as a classical pianist and music educator. My transition to tech began at the onset of the pandemic when I was laid off from most of my work. Inspired by my experience teaching lessons from home, I grew curious about coding and how applications could better serve the needs of musicians and music teachers. I started experimenting with HTML and CSS, and found I really enjoyed the puzzle and problem-solving. Within months, I chose to make a career pivot into tech by way of a 14-week coding bootcamp with Tech Elevator. I love holding down the fort with Java on the back-end, but also enjoy seeing the fruits of my labor on the front-end with Vue.js. When I am not learning new skills as a developer or in front of the piano, you can find me in nature, hiking with my family and two dogs.

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I am open to work and excited to continue learning and growing my programming skill-set.

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Development Skills

Java, Vue.js, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Spring Boot, Git, PostreSQL, Responsive-Design, Eclipse, Unit Testing (JUnit).